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Whether designing and constructing a complete mobile barge offloading system, or simply replacing worn sheaves on a fifty year old aerial tramway tower, IEC approaches every contract with the same level of responsiveness, creativity and dedication ... to provide each and every customer with maximum value, at the lowest possible price, in the most practical and efficient time frame. So, if for some reason you’re still apprehensive, or simply looking for a valid reason why you should turn to IEC, consider this: Not only do few suppliers in this market have such extensive experience, few have maintained the same level of enthusiasm, innovation and ingenuity, year after year, for well over a century. That’s commitment! That’s responsiveness! That’s IEC! And that is why it would benefit you to seriously consider us for your next bulk material, barge handling or offloading and passenger transport projects. If you need further justification, just consider the following candid comments from some of our loyal and satisfied customers: “The IEC Shuttle Barge has been the single most important improvement we’ve made at both plants as far as improving unloading efficiency.” So stated Michael A. Schimmelpfennig, senior Project Engineer for AmerenUE, regarding the recent addition of IEC Shuttle Barges at the company’s Sioux and Rush Island Power Stations’ coal unloading facilities where they are now able to offload coal barges in 40 to 50% less time than previously required. “This state-of-the-art deck equipment, and highly efficient manifold system furnished by IEC have helped us unload a record 3,800 barrels of fuel per hour”. This comment was recieved from Sam O’Koon, Terminal Manager for Marathon/ Ashland Petroleum LLC, regarding the company’s new tank barge lightering facility near Covington, Kentucky. Consisting of a new floating dock barge system, this installation combines the latest barge and material handling technology with improved safety, convenience and accessibility for operation personnel. “We have spoken with some of the customers who have used the ladder and they love it”. This statement was contained in an email to IEC from Farrell Latour, President J. H. Menge & Company, Inc. of New Orleans, referencing an IEC Portable Barge Access Ladder for Gulf Intracoastal Constructors. This, along with other similar comments from customers, offering convincing evidence that the IEC Portable Access Ladder is not only performing to the expectations of our customers, but also providing new levels of safety and convenience for dock personnel, Interstate Equipment Corporation 929 Park Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15234   (800) 562-5010 sales@go-iec.com Home     IEC Profile     Capabilities    Why IEC?     News Makers     Contact Us