IEC has been providing specialized turnkey solutions to the bulk materials, port and river and passenger handling industries, for 100 years. Unique capabilities have been developed in the various areas of the company's engineering, inspection, construction, maintenance and after-market service departments to support the operating bulk handling, barge handling and passenger handling systems.


Inspection service is provided as required to ensure that safety procedures and proper maintenance schedules are being followed.


IEC provides construction services utilizing a specialized crew of craftsman who excel at steel, cable millwright and rigging type projects.


After-market parts are supplied by our manufacturing facility, which can respond immediately in the event of an emergency bulk, barge handling or passenger handling system outage.


IEC is in a specialty industry, the company offers constant maintenance support to its customers in the day-to-day operations of their systems. To minimize cost, many customers prefer to engage IEC's field services for operational activities beyond routine maintenance items. Examples of these activities are track cable and haul rope replacements.