929 Park Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15234 800-562-5010 412-563-5556 sales@go-iec.com Founded in 1903, IEC gained early recognition for its patented aerial tramway designs, which gave early mining companies the ability to convey higher capacities of bulk material over rough, steep, rugged terrain at considerably less cost than most competitive designs. In the early 1960's, increased worldwide demand for tramway systems helped create new opportunities for IEC to expand into the growing Asian markets. Subsequently, an international affiliate was established in India to offer sales, engineering, manufacturing and construction services to the rapidly growing list of new customers and prospects in that segment of the globe. In 1970 IEC applied its proven material handling technologies to another rapidly burgeoning industrial market ... port and riverside facilities for offloading, disbursement, storage and transshipment of bulk commodities. Ideally suited for industries such as coal, refining, processing and power generation, who traditionally rely on barges for bulk material shipments, these innovative products and systems now benefit customers by providing additional material handling alternatives to help them improve safety, increase capacity, reduce energy consumption and minimize operating costs.
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