929 Park Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15234 800-562-5010 412-563-5556 sales@go-iec.com Capabilities Today, IEC has earned recognition as an accomplished leader in the design, engineering, fabrication and construction of a versatile line of engineered products which can greatly benefit customers in power generation, steel, mining and other industries. These customers traditionally rely on various forms of bulk handling and shipping, including barges to transport materials over inland waterways; dockside equipment, such as loaders and unloaders, to send and receive bulk shipments; a wide range of support systems and equipment; and aerial tramway systems for both bulk material and passenger transportation service. The IEC design/engineering team is capably staffed by registered professionals in each of the primary engineering disciplines ... civil, electrical, mechanical and structural. Combined, this group represents over 125 years of engineering know-how and experience. As a group, they have earned the respect of our customers and their peers for their innate ability to not only isolate difficult problems, but to develop practical, innovative solutions that will maintain production, improve performance and save money. IEC equipment manufacturing and fabrication is still performed at the same welding and machining facility we have been affiliated with for over 105 years. Located in southwest Virginia, this facility is centrally located for quick, thorough response to customer needs, especially throughout the south, east and midwest. This facility is staffed by a competent team of fabricating specialists and craftsmen who are skilled in the latest methods, techniques, tools and equipment, and are fully capable of fulfilling tight project deadlines, as well as emergency repairs and upgrades. An integral part of IEC's performance capability includes a full range of installation services for all the bulk material handling systems we engineer and produce. Capably performed by our own experienced team of structural steel, mechanical and electrical component technicians and construction managers, these services include all job-site assembly, erection and related services needed to get your system on line and fully operational on schedule. As an in-house service, our installation team brings more insight to the project. These specialists know our products, and fully understand the technology behind each and every component in our material handling systems.
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